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Cover for Outsourcing

By: Graham Fisher
Classification: Research Report

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Outsourcing today is bigger than ever before. Whilst Outsourcing is one of the longest established IT strategies, thinking has now evolved in line with the post dot com economy. The traditional customer-supplier relationship is being replaced by partnerships with both parties collaborating to achieve common business goals. IT is no longer thought of in purely technical terms but as a service that is purchased to support key business objectives.

With claims that Outsourcing can save up to 90% of IT costs proving not to be worth the paper they are written on, its not surprising that Outsourcing gets bad press. It is therefore vital to keep your head as one vendor after another comes knocking at your door with promises of untold wonder in an effort to get new business. Only by taking the pragmatic, value oriented approach, outlined in the report, can you avoid being swayed by false promises and instead make optimal use of Outsourcing together with the opportunities for cost management and service improvements.

Outsourcing – The Big O, looks at how Outsourcing has responded to some of the demands of the post dot com economy with the realisation of some of the classic Outsourcing drivers. The report acknowledges that Outsourcing can be oversold or misunderstood and these factors can often lead to end user dissatisfaction. To counter this, the report provides a roadmap and advice for successfully Outsourcing IT services and avoiding many of the typical pitfalls along the way.

The move towards the commoditisation of IT, means that the formulaic comparison of vendors is becoming increasingly difficult and even irrelevant as IT services, unlike products, are bespoke to the needs of each individual customer. Today it is increasingly about the soft aspects of the deal, understanding the strategic direction of your Outsourcing and how that is complementary to your own organisation. In order to assist in the vendor selection process the report provides a comparative model that can be used as a basis for vendor compatibility evaluation within the context of the end user organisation.

So if you want to gain an insight into the realities of the Outsourcing process and determine whether Outsourcing is right for your organisation, this report will assist you in developing an Outsourcing strategy that meets your needs together with a vendor evaluation criteria bespoke to your organisation to help you make the best decision.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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