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Operations Management for the Services Sector

Cover for Operations Management for the Services Sector

Classification: Market Update

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Operations management for the
service sector can be viewed as a
composite collaborative application
that acts as a hub to support shopfloor
staff by providing them with
automated support for the tasks they
need to perform in the order that they
need to perform them, whilst at same time
it provides operational management with both
the capabilities to measure performance and also
be able to react quickly to exceptions so they do not
turn into crises. This collaborative environment is
not only for internal staff to be able work together
but also externals, including both suppliers and
customers. If you are not able to pull together the
information you need to manage operations effectively
in real-time-from your HR systems for skills,
holidays, and availability and your ERP systems (plus
CRM and SCM) for

Free Download (subject to terms)

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