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Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 (RFID Component)

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In the opinion of Bloor Research the following
represent the key facts of which prospective
users should be aware:

  • Although this is an initial version of the RFID element, the major component (the Event
    Processing Engine) is in its fourth version
    with some 7,000 active customers! There are
    also a number of customer case studies
    varying from the large (CHEP) to the
    relatively small (Blue Sushi).
  • The new Branch version of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 is being offered to the market
    at a price $1,800. This makes a very attractive
    price comparison when compared to existing
    middleware vendor costs, for manufacturing
    and retail companies with a large number of
    facilities that need to support RFID
  • For developers and administrators, the
    facilities are extremely familiar and Microsoft
    Visual Studio is recognised for its ease of
    use. Added to this is the capability to use
    partner products like iLog or InRule or
    RuleBurst, allowing rules to be defined by
    business users. Other BPM products that are
    part of the Business Process Alliance, such
    as K2 and IDS Scheer, can be used to define
    the business process. (see Bloor Research
    white paper – Microsoft and BPM).
  • BizTalk RFID is flexible from a solution
    architecture view point. It allows a solution to
    be created that supports a complete
    centralist or a complete decentralist or
    hub-spoke point of view.
  • If simulation is important to you then Bloor
    would strongly recommend that you get
    Microsoft to demonstrate the capability that
    they have.

BizTalk RFID provides an ability to hot swap
devices through the Device Service Provider
Interface. This feature, with the support for a
large number of IHV products linked to the
ability for developers to be unconcerned with
the hardware side during process and rule
development, is a key deliverable.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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