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InSync Edgeware

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InSync Edgeware Development Platform is a web-based development platform for RFID, GPS and other location-driven applications.

Edgeware features a collection of configurable location-aware services, pre-defined workflows and development utilities. These patented tools provide a way for rapid development and deployment to occur. It runs on mobile devices such as handheld RFID reader/writers.

Included in the Edgeware platform are three pre-built utilities:

  • Process ControlZone: This is the device manager and is used to configure sensor zones i.e. receiving dock door entrance, shipping station, etc.
  • SensorNet Manager: Enables management of a site within the sensory network. It provides collection of data and scrubbing it by filtering it across business logic.
  • Tracking Manager: Business process orchestration and materials tracking, plus integration with back-end and enterprise systems.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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