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InRule Business Rule Engine

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In the opinion of Bloor Research the following represent the
key facts of which prospective users should be aware:

  • InRule Technology is an extremely strong Microsoft partner with all the necessary credentials to give one
    confidence in their ability to use and exploit underlying
    Microsoft technology.
  • Being a charter member of Microsoft’s Business Process
    Alliance has led to InRule Technology winning a number
    of significant pieces of business. InRule Technology is well
    placed as a partner of a number of other fellow members
    of this Alliance.
  • The InRule business rule engine takes full advantage of
    the .NET Framework in that it is simple and easy to use. It
    is not completely code-free, and does require someone
    capable of understanding XML and If-Then-Else style
    programming. However, there are a large number of
    simple business user capabilities which mean many rules
    can be defined by a business user. InRule Technology
    explained to me that knowledge of XML is useful for
    someone installing and setting up InRule; however once
    the product is set up, business users can author and test
    rules using InRule’s Business Language Authoring, with
    no need to know XML.
  • Bloor would not recommend the use of InRule for Windows
    Workflow Foundation (WWF) over InRule itself unless your
    organisation has a strategy to adopt and use WWF. The
    reason for this is the current loss of features.

InRule is a strong product in the Microsoft environment, with
all the partner credentials a Microsoft house should be
looking for. Bloor would suggest that if you are looking for a
business rules management system then InRule should be
in your selection list, as it has all the necessary features
necessary and at an attractive price.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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