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IBM WebSphere RFID Information Center and WebSphere Premises Server

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For a number of years, IBM used an RFID architectural framework to illustrate how complete, end-to-end RFID solutions are modelled. This framework, called the RFID Solution Domain Model, groups logically-related RFID solution functions into component domains. However, as IBM has gained experience with the breadth of RFID solutions and edge devices have become more intelligent, the lines between the stages have become blurred. As a result, in 2008, IBM is using a new approach to describe solutions capabilities, called Sensor & Actuator Solutions Strategy that emphasises the need for an organisation to focus on what it is going to do with the data collected not just from RFID devices, but from any sensory device that might be used.

As IBM put it “The networked devices deliver new data to the middleware at the edge which then identifies the relevant insights. These new insights derived from the sensory data enable businesses to act upon detected situations, resulting in the process transformations that drive business results in improved efficiency, increased effectiveness and new business capabilities.”

Free Download (subject to terms)

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