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GlobeRanger iMotion

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GlobeRanger use the words ‘edge’ and ‘edgeware’ a lot. So it is important to understand what they mean. This is the definition Bloor found in an iMotion Manual:

“Edgeware refers to the edge of the Enterprise. Edgeware provides communication from the EDGE (reader, handheld, etc.) to core applications by translating the raw data coming from the EDGE into relevant business context (intelligence) that can automatically integrate with back-end systems.”

There are certain benefits to be gained by adopting this distributed approach to RFID; these include:

  • Provides seamless integration of barcode and RFID (and of course other event-driven devices such as SCART).
  • Distributes business logic (including rules), workflow and mobility management to enable decisions and security at the Edge.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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