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Executive Guidance on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Cover for Executive Guidance on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

By: Bloor Research
Classification: White Paper

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The entire thrust of IT architecture is headed towards the orientation of process. This ‘process-centric’ approach touches the organization at many levels and includes a variety of software products that can be applied in building the appropriate supporting technology infrastructure.

Currently software in three product groups manages the brunt of the work in
a process-centric architecture—Business Process Management, Business Process
Modeling and Service Oriented Architecture.

The goal of process architecture is a business goal that breaks down into several
layers of organizational activity required to achieve the goal. The business goal
of process architecture must be understood before an appropriate approach to
process architecture can be developed.

This report provides guidance on the use and application of Service Oriented
Architecture (SOA) within the broader context of process oriented architecture
and design.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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