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Enterprise Data Protection

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Classification: Bullseye Report

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In the past, IT security had been focused on securing organisational perimeters until it was realised that these were quickly breaking down due to the increasing demands of mobile workers, closer business relationships, outsourcing and other organisational challenges.

This led to what is now known as IT security de-perimeterisation.

At the same time, public awareness and the global regulatory environment have made the consequences of data breaches a significant business issue. Quickly, attention has moved to securing data itself by focusing on detecting and protecting data at risk.

This data security is delivered via two technologies:

  • Leak prevention solutions, which are used to detect if data is at risk of leaving an organisation’s control, for example via email or a USB drive.
  • Loss protection using encryption to protect individual data whilst, for example, on laptops or in email.

Enterprise Data Protection is a new and evolving market place that represents the coming together of leak and loss prevention technologies.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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