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Data Encryption

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Classification: Market Update

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The past year has, yet again, seen significant data loss incidents that could have easily been avoided if sensible data encryption had been implemented. Gradually the flood of horror stories are forcing a rethink across both the private and public sectors as they grasp the significant impact a data loss incident can have on customers, clients or citizens.

Arguably the protection of data should be one of the top objectives of any IT function. Encryption, which is the process of taking a piece of data and obscuring it so that unauthorised people cannot view it should therefore be fundamental to the work of an IT department in any sizeable organisation. Small and medium sized businesses are also realising that data protection, in the form of encryption, is for them as well.

By reading this paper you will gain a good insight into the state of the data encryption market place in early 2009. A number of vendors are featured including:

CheckPoint, McAfee, BeCrypt, Verdasys, Credant Technologies, Sophos, GuardianEdge, PGP, RSA, Mobile Armor, FrontRange Solutions, SafeNet, DESLock, CryptoForge, Symantec, Vormetric, WinMagic, Tumbleweed Communications, Secude, Safend, Aladdin, Dekart, CA, Cisco, Voltage Security, Microsoft and Cryptzone

Free Download (subject to terms)

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