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This paper has been superseded by Compuware Uniface v9.6 (May, 2013)

Compuware Uniface version 9.5

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Whether you call Uniface a “unified development environment” or an “integrated application platform suite” (the latter seems to be preferred), you should see Uniface version 9.5 as a first step to Uniface version 10. However, although Uniface still aims at being the “Rich Internet Application” development tool of choice for organisations that want to get up to speed quickly with efficient web and cloudbased applications, the focus of the journey has now moved towards cloud computing, an area where Uniface sees itself as a strong player, with a strong and open customer community, without being a cloud services provider itself. This essential neutrality with respect to cloud services (and browsers) may give the Uniface platform some special strengths when compared to other players. Nevertheless, for now, Uniface’s product manager says that the key deliverables from version 9.5 are in RIA and web services support.

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