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This paper has been superseded by Compuware Uniface v9.6 (May, 2013)

Compuware Uniface 9.4

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Whether you call Uniface a “unified development environment” or an “integrated application platform suite” (the latter seems to be preferred), you should see Uniface v9.4 as a first step to Uniface v10, which could revitalise Uniface as the “Rich Internet Application” development tool of choice for organisations that want to get up to speed quickly with efficient web- and cloud-based applications. The 9.4 release also marks the reorganisation of Compuware, with Uniface now appearing as a separate business unit (Aad van Schetsen, Vice President & General Manager Uniface, reports directly to the Compuware COO). Ton Blankers, Product Manager Uniface, says that the product has now gone back to its roots in abstraction and application development.

This latest version of Uniface supports the various 2.0 initiatives (Web 2.0, Process 2.0 and so on) that are proliferating around the IT world. Specifically, this means support for multichannel deployment (including a wide range of mobile devices), support for mash-ups, support for SOA, support for business process orchestration, and so on. In fact, the addition of such functionality has been a trend within the development of Uniface over the last few releases: it has, if you like, been “walking the walk” and only now that it has proved that it can do it is it starting to “talk the talk”, which is a pleasant change from the marketing in some other companies.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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