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Business Rules Management - Managing business rules of an organisation

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Classification: Research Report

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Once upon a time when computers were young,
it was the delight of the young programmer to
write code that handled everything from opening
and closing of files, to the calling of other
programs, to expressions for what should
happen when X was present, as well as, of
course, the code necessary to perform the
function required. We all know now that this
sort of approach leads to a lack of business
governance and visibility, a lack of traceability,
a maintenance nightmare and inconsistent

So, over time, the software industry has broken
out of this monolithic program various pieces,
so that the programs become easier to understand.
The first piece to go was file handling,
which evolved into database management
software, then came integration – the calling
of another program – with enterprise application
integration. This was closely followed by
stripping out of the program the sequencing of
different modules through business process
management software. Then, along with the
need to produce a special type of code to handle
artificial intelligence, the software industry
saw a way to produce a new component that
we must have – business rules management
software (BRMS).

Free Download (subject to terms)

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