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Amalto b2box

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Free Download (subject to terms)

Amalto has developed a software platform based on innovative technologies such as a native XML database, web services and AJAX. The platform leverages open source components, including eXist XML server, JBoss AS and Eclipse. It is also built upon standards such as XSD and XSLT.

With the b2box, Amalto’s sales proposition is to mid market companies, who have limited resources and budgets, with a number of manual processes and no systems integration. These are the companies that Amalto see as facing the dilemma of how to improve their sales order processing when currently “90% of suppliers receive their orders by phone, fax or email”2. The b2box is a ready-to-use solution for electronic exchanges of business documents with multiple trading partners and for integration with any back-office system. Amalto offer b2box as a package of hardware, software and service.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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