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Alan Rodger

Alan Rodger

Alan Rodger has 20+ years’ experience as a technology industry analyst. He focuses primarily on markets/solutions for Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), Security, and IT Governance, advising vendors and end-users on the business context and applications of these technologies. His  experience as an analyst also extends to solutions for Identity/Access Management, Data Governance and Privacy, Software Asset Management (licensing and usage), Infrastructure Management, App Dev Lifecycle tools, and many other areas.
In addition to undertaking analysis, writing and consulting, Alan is an experienced speaker (live events and webinars).

Prior to joining Bloor Research in 2024, Alan spent 18 years in analyst roles with Omdia (Informa Tech), Ovum, and Butler Group. His perspective is informed by 20+ years’ experience in various enterprise IT and consulting roles before becoming an analyst.

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