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Service Space - Configuration Management everywhere, in a virtualised world

8th June, 2016
9:00 am - 9:45 am
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David Norfolk is giving the opening keynote at Austria’s biggest ITSM Event: “Service Space”. This is run by ITSM Partner GmbH, the market leading ITIL/ITSM training and consulting company in Austria.

He says, “I am a generalist, not a configuration management specialist and I think that is the point: configuration management is for everything and everyone, not just for the configuration management group and for code. The coming issue, I think, is configuration management of virtual assets in something like real time – we are on a journey towards a world where automation relies on orchestration of cloud services running on virtualised platforms, but we still need to know what we have, where it is running, who is responsible for it and so on – Service Level Agreements need to be configuration items! Of course, any one organisation may not complete this journey, but it needs to stop at the point which makes business sense, not at a arbitrary point where its technology and processes stop coping”.