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Zoho Corporation is an Indian software company, which produces a wide range of business apps, often based on advanced technologies such as AI, which can be seen as “the operating system for business”.

It was founded in 1996 as AdventNet, Inc. and renamed Zoho Corporation in 2009. It released its flagship product, Zoho One, a suite of more than 45 business apps, in 2017.

Zoho is privately owned and its CEO and founder is Sridhar Vembu. He maintains a strong focus on India and Indian culture but is also a dollar billionaire with a Princeton PhD, living in California, although he is still an Indian citizen, according to his Forbes profile.

Zoho is self-funded and has always been profitable, recently passing its 50 million user milestone. It has 12 offices around the world and its US HQ is in Austin, Texas.

Zoho says “we love building beautiful software, [but] we think our people and company culture are our most important assets” – a claim that we would take seriously, having met some of its engineers.

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Company Info

Headquarters: Estancia IT Park, Plot No. 140 & 151, GST Road, Vallancherry Village, Chengalpattu Taluk, Kanchipuram District 603 202, INDIA
Telephone: +44 (20) 35647890


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