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Zionex was founded in 2000. The company provides supply chain planning and advanced planning and scheduling solutions to manufacturing and distribution companies, mainly in Asia. In 2007, they started a joint venture with Comtec called Comnext. This joint venture provides production scheduling solutions and open-source based enterprise applications to its clients in Japan. In the same year Zionex signed an OEM agreement with Fair Isaac’s Dash Optimization.

T3 Series

T³Series’ industry solutions include:

  • High-tech electronics (LCD, PDP, Mobile Displays, Semiconductors);
  • Fabless Semiconductors;
  • Job Shop Factory Scheduling for Precision Machinery;
  • CPG and food distribution;
  • Automotive suppliers SCM solution; and
  • Metals Solutions for steel industries.

T3 Series sits on a Java platform and is offered as a SaaS solution. The solution consists of the following modules:

  • T³Demand – demand planning and forecasting
  • T³SupplyNet – supply plans for manufacturing and distribution centres covering both inventory, plant capacity allocation and transportation plans
  • T³Plan & T³Schedule – production schedules and simulation
  • Optimization Solution Suite consists of:
    • T³Optimizer – Planning and Scheduling Optimization using both linear programming (LP) and mixed integer programming (MIP)
    • T³CPO – Minimises material losses while nesting for wood, paper, film, and sheet metals.
    • T³LPO – Maximises the container spaces by performing 3-dimensional loading optimisation
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