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Trimble ThingMagic Division

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ThingMagic was founded in 2000 and started life as a consultancy company specialising in augmenting existing products with RFID, algorithm design and implementation, and the design of low-cost Linux computers. In 2001, MIT AutoID Centre asked the company to produce a working prototype RFID reader that could talk to any RFID tag, on any radio frequency was capable of intelligence at the edge of the network. During the next 2 year, the company turned their prototype into a commercial product and developed it further. Its reader architecture proved very adaptable so that it had no problems in handling EPCGlobal Gen2 standard when introduced in 2005. This year also saw ThingMagic take its first ever round of investment, raising a total of around $21m from investors. A second funding was obtained in 2008. This year also saw ThingMagic partner with Ford Motor Company and Dewalt to provide first RFID enabled trucks – Ford Works Solutions Tool Link. ThingMagic was acquired by Trimble in 2010.

The company manufactures and sells:

  • Embedded RFID Readers
  • Fixed RFID Readers
  • Integrated Readers
  • Ruggedized Reader


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