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The company was founded in 2005 as Fluonsee. In 2014, the company received an investment from RCG Group and rebranded as TackX.

TrackX's asset tracking and management solutions include:

  • Software - two application packages are offered:
    • TrackX AssetTrack provides the business intelligence behind tracking assets and turns asset data into actionable information.
    • TrackX Yard helps companies track trailers and other yard assets in a transportation and distribution environment, and automates the location and management of yard assets, gate processing, and carrier-scheduled appointments.
  • Hardware - TrackX software solutions are hardware agnostic and the company offers assistance with design of an appropriate infrastructure.
  • Services - TrackX services include analysis, solution design, implementation, training and roll-out.


Company Info

Headquarters: Lone Tree, Colorado, USA
Telephone: +1 (303) 799-0700

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The company offers the following solutions:

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