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The company was founded in 2008 by Dr. Sofia Passova, Stan Passov and Alex Ladizginsky. All three worked in Blueprint Systems (formerly Sofea Inc.), which specialised in requirements modelling, visualization and simulation. They are a single product company at present. StereoLOGIC offers StereoLOGIC Discovery Analyst.

The current customer base is very USA-based and includes the States of Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho and North Dakota, who are using it to modernise their Unemployment Tax and Benefit systems, as well as several North American Financial Institutions.

As a small company, StereoLOGIC work through a set of implementation partners; these include IAG Consulting and Sierra Systems.

Discovery Analyst enables companies to monitor and compare processes executed by employees, measure them, identify best practices and generate the End-to-End business process documentation.

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Headquarters: New York, USA
Telephone: +1 631-244-1624

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