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Quake Gold (Odin Technologies)

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Odin Technologies was founded in 2002 focusing on the physics of RFID. Their first big break came when they won a $14.6M contract for passive RFID deployment from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Logistics Agency. In 2006, they received the Department of Commerce’s Excellence in Innovation Award. The company developed the EasyEdge operating system software in 2007. The company developed a product that integrated RFID and Facebook (EasyConnect) which allowed users to automatically Like and Check-In on their Facebook page through the use of an RFID tag. In December 2010 ODIN announced the acquisition of Reva Systems, who have developed Tag Acquisition Processor (TAP) – a UHF passive RFID real-time location system (RTLS) solution. ODIN was purchased by Quake Global in 2012 and continues to focus on healthcare and asset tracking.

Quake Global was founded in 1998. It specialises in solutions for asset tracking, including facility level solutions using RFID technology and global solutions using modems, which can be used in conjunction with cellular, GPS, and satellite technology.


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