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Panviva has been in business since 1996. The company has 2 headquarters: Melbourne, Australia and Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The company is privately held, including Momentum Venture Capital.

In 2001, Panviva developed SupportPoint to solve the problems it had identified with using intranets, file systems and document management systems to deliver policy and procedure guidance that call centre agents and back office personnel need at their fingertips to help them on the job, in real-time.

Now, some 8 years later, there are around 200,000 users across 37 countries in 18 languages that use SupportPoint to guide them through complex policies and procedures. Its customer base varies from the well-known global enterprises such as BT, Caterpillar, HP, Thomson Reuters and Fosters, to country-specific organisations like Bupa, Celgene and more recently Bupa International in the UK and National Australia Bank and Medibank Private in Australia. It also includes mid-size organisations.

Panviva sells, implements, and supports SupportPoint through several types of partnerships. These include:

  • Service Partners: consulting and content development firms that have capabilities in content creation and implementation of SupportPoint systems.
  • Reseller Partners: Value Added Resellers that market, sell, support and implement the SupportPoint solution.
  • Technology Partners: vendors of complementary applications that incorporate SupportPoint into their own solutions.
  • Referral Partners: organizations that refer qualified sales opportunities to Panviva.


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