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Neebula Systems Inc is a comparitively new company, with technical development in Israel (Neebula Systems LTD, 4 Hacharash Street, PO Box 7352, Hod Hasharon 45240, Israel, Phone: +972-72-2778400), and has only been selling product for about a year. However, it has strong antecedents and was founded in 2009 by technical experts from BMC, Marvell, EMC, Juniper and HP, who recognised the challenges to older system management tools posed by modern agile business processes and ‘dynamic data centres’. It has already attracted interest from big players such as CA Technologies, WiPro, Cap Gemini and so on.

The key Neebula vision is SaaS-centric and concentrates on automated business service discovery. Despite its disruptive and next generation approaches, it does have ITIL-compliant solutions – the abstracted processes behind ITIL are still relevant; although some of the best practices will have to change.

Nebula’s Board Of Directors consists of: Yuval Cohen, CEO; Ariel Gordon, VP Products; Fred van den Bosch, ex Executive Vice President of Engineering, VERITAS Software; Jonathan Saacks, General Partner, Genesis Partners; Rami Beracha, Managing General Partner, Pitango Ventures.

Ariel Gordon is Nebula’s co-founder and before that he was CTO at BMC, helped create BMC’s Business Service Management (BSM) strategy and pioneered the creation of BMC’s BSM Atrium integration infrastructure. The other co-founder is Yuval Cohen (CEO). Before this, he was a Venture Partner at Pitango Ventures. Prior to Pitango, Yuval was Vice President of Marvell Semiconductor and General Manager of Marvell Software Solutions Israel.

CMO Bob Johnson was the VP/GM of BMC’s SaaS business before joining Neebula; and before that he was SVP of Marketing & Product Management at a Teliris Telepresence, a software and managed services provider and also Director of Marketing & Product Management for Cisco’s SaaS / Managed Services organisation.

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