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MID Gmbh is a Nuremberg software and consultancy agency with many years of experience with methodology and project management incorporated in its MID Modelling Methodology, M3. It is ISO 9001 certified. The MID Management Team can be reviewed here.

It is now delivering a next-generation role-oriented and business-focussed development platform supporting a range of standards-based (BPMN and UML) modelling tools. These tools have a Microsoft Office “look and feel”, as business users expect these days, and the different tools are appropriate to different roles (such as data and business analysis), all sharing the same repository. The overall goal of this tool-set is to help organisations to bridge the gap between business process description and optimisation and conventional technology-oriented systems development. Aptero Solutions is MID’s world-wide distributor and partner, and is actively involved in developing its products.

MID is privately owned by a Swiss equity investor with an engineering background, who takes an active interest in both MID and in software development generally. The company isn’t being obviously micro-managed by the money people and the MD responsible for Product Development and Management, Jochen Seemann, has been given a mandate for the long term development of high-quality solutions. This means, for example, that MID consultancy is not being treated as a profit centre (although it no doubt pays for itself) but as a way to ensure customer satisfaction and to develop long-term relationships with large companies.

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