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Microgen was originally founded in 1974 and has been publicly listed on the London stock exchange since 1983. During the last few years, it has made a number of acquisitions, one of which was the company that originally developed Aptitude. Microgen currently has some 300 employees, with its headquarters in Fleet, Hampshire, UK. The group has four major operating divisions: Asset and Wealth Management; Banking; Commercial, Public and Utilities; and Billing and Database Management.

Microgen has a strong innovation focus, with over 120 employees in its development team, including approximately 45 developers focussed on its Aptitude product. The development team thus amounts to one-third of total company employees. Microgen has development teams based in its development centre in Wroclaw, Poland; in the Fleet Headquarters office in the UK; and its Channel Island operation. 

Microgen’s technology partners include SAP, Microsoft and Reuters. Its strategy partners include Bearing Point, LogicaCMG and SAP.


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