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Manhattan Associates

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Manhattan Associates was founded in 1990 in Manhattan Beach, California to deliver software application solutions for distribution centers. The company relocated its headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia in 1995 and went public in 1998.

They have a broad array of platform-based solutions from warehouse management solutions and transport logistics solutions to cross-channel retail, inventory management and demand forecasting solutions. Manhattan see their platform-based approach providing their customers with business agility in managing their supply chains, while also grounding and orchestrating formerly ‘siloed’ logistical functions in a unified structure that, over time, can reduce deployment costs, maintenance fees and upgrade investments.

Manhattan Associates have made major R&D Investments—over $45 million in 2012, more than $301 million since 2006.

Their core market sectors are: Retail, Food/Grocery, Consumer Goods, Logistics Service Providers, Life Sciences, Industrial/Wholesale, High Tech/Electronics, Transportation Providers, Government.

The company has offices in Australia, China, France, India, Japan, The Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States.


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