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Logility introduced its first solution to the market in 1996. In March of 2010, Logility acquired Optiant, creator of an inventory optimisation technology. Demand Management, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Logility, which develops, distributes and supports supply chain planning systems marketed under the Demand Solutions brand.

Logility Voyager Solutions is a suite of collaborative supply chain optimisation and retail planning solutions targeted at small, medium, large and Fortune 500 companies. The suite can be bought as separate parts or as an entity. The solutions can be deployed on premise, fully hosted, or in the Cloud. The suite consists of the following components:

  • Advanced Analytics: Provides a unified gateway into performance management for any trading partner.
  • Value Chain Collaboration: provides an ability to monitor and measure supply chain events in real time across the user organisation and its partners.
  • Demand Optimisation: Provides supply chain visibility aimed at increasing demand forecast accuracy, streamlining introductions, assessing promotions and creating plans attuned to the market.
  • Inventory Optimisation: Supports the setting of optimal inventory targets at each node of a multi-echelon manufacturing and distribution network to match inventory goals and service levels.
  • Supply Optimisation: Uses scenario-based technology to produce supply plans.
  • Transportation & Logistics Optimisation: Supports the balancing of logistics strategies with customer service policies.
  • Retail Optimisation: Optimises and automates merchandise planning and allocation



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