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JDA was founded in 1978, in Calgary, Alberta as a Canadian IBM mid-range software provider. The Canadian company was sold in 1985 and JDA Software Inc was formed by 8 of the original employees with a base in Cleveland, Ohio. The new company moved its Headquarters to Scotsdale, Arizona in 1987.

In recent years the company has grown through major acquisitions; theses include Intactix (2000), E3 Corporation (2001), Manugistics (2006), i2 Technologies (2009) and Red Prairie (2012).

The company now market its product under 5 solutions:

  • Collaborative Category Management solution suite provides space and category management capabilities;
  • Distribution-Centric Supply Chain suite offers an integrated set of cloud-based, best-of-breed supply chain planning and execution solutions supporting inventory planning, replenishment and order fulfillment;
  • Manufacturing Planning suite offers cloud-based integrated manufacturing planning capabilities;
  • Retail Planning suite provides a cloud-based solution that integrates forecasting, planning and space management tools to equip retailers with the ability to develop localised assortments and category plans;
  • Store Operations suite is another cloud-base solution that combines JDA’s budgeting and scheduling, space and inventory management, workforce management, and task management systems with in-store picking capabilities.

Company Info

Headquarters: Scotsdale, Arizona, USA, AZ 85260-3649
Telephone: 800.438.5301

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