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Integrate IT

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IntegrateIT was founded in 2001 to provide ERP software selection guidance and consulting services. During 2003/4 the company worked with a number of independent consultants to develop its own ERP solution to tackle the issues of high cost, complicated installation, reliance on consultants for implementation that it had identified as a consultancy. The ABACI SME Pack was developed in conjunction with PSI. Today, IntegrateIT develop, sell and support ERP123, the product they developed from the ABACI SME pack.


ERP123 covers the following functional areas:

  • Customer Management – including support for multi-currency and sales orders;
  • Inventory Management – including support for multiple locations, MRP and maintenance;
  • Production Management – including works orders, CAD support and forecasting;
  • Purchasing;
  • Finance and Accounting – covering Accounts Receivable and Payable as well as Accruals.


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