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IdeasCast exists to give visionary organisations all over the world the tools they need to incentivise team working, define successful outcomes upfront, manage complexity, ensure consistency, accelerate delivery and execute on strategy with confidence.

IdeasCast was founded in 2015 by Bal Mattu. Bal has a serial entrepreneur track-record in the software
industry having previously established several startups. The IdeasCast management team have collectively over 100 years of software industry experience.

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Company Info

Headquarters: The Techno Centre Coventry University Technology Park Puma Way, Coventry CV11 2T, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1926 354 000


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OpusView from IdeasCast

OpusView is a project management, productivity, collaboration and social toolkit, promoting “Project Social”, for general “wellness” in the workplace.
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Project Social - Why is it essential for Workforce Wellness?

OpusView enables collaborative workforce wellness.
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