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GoldMine was one of the first companies to enter and set down the basics of CRM. However in 1998, iXchange  acquired GoldMine Software Corp. In early 2000, GoldMine acquired Maestro Commerce. Later in 2000 iXchange renamed itself FrontRange Limited and all three companies were rolled into a newly formed U.S. based corporation called FrontRange Solutions. In 2005 Francisco Partners acquired FrontRange. 2015 saw FrontRange Solutions purchased by Clearlake Capital Group and merged with Lumension Security Inc to form HEAT Software Inc.

The division offers 4 versions of GoldMine CRM:

  • GoldMine Premium – an in-house implementation that offered support for contact management, lead management, customer service tracking, sales and marketing automation and analytics;
  • GoldMine Web – provides the look and feel of a web client and does not require installation for the end user;
  • GoldMine Cloud – BYOL hosting or subscription version of Premium with monthly or annual terms;
  • iGoldMine – provides connection to GoldMine Premium  from any web connection or local area network.


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