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Ekahau were founded in 2000 in Helsinki, Finland. The company is privately owned, and their investors include Nexit Ventures, Sampo-Mandatum, Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) and other investors.

They have deployed more than 1,400 systems with over 10,000 users worldwide and over 100 resellers worldwide. Their prime market is healthcare, where they provide solutions for Asset Tracking & Management, Patient Safety & Throughput, Staff Safety & Workflow Optimization and Temperature Monitoring & Sensing.

These solutions are based on Ekahau application Vision and their own tags:

  • Vision: it provides data on the location, condition and status of assets, people and workflows across EDs, ORs and other departments, via a web browser. it includes patented WiFi-based location analytics and uses actual floor plans and visual icons to display the building, floor, zone, room and sub-room locations and status (on, off, alarmed, etc.) of tracked assets and people.
  • Ekahau’s A4 and A4+ active RFID tags act as small computers that transmit location data to the Ekahau Vision software platform for mapped display. A4 tags weigh less than 3oz., offer up to 5 years of battery life and a re-chargeable, splashproof A4+ option which includes a 5V USB charger and can support an external battery pack. A4 tags offer two software-programmable buttons and audio and LED alerts, over-the-air management, built-in motion sensors and an optical tamper switch to ensure security.


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