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Druid, sometimes called DRUID AI, was founded in 2018 in Bucharest, Romania, by Andreea Plesea, Daniel Balaceanu and Liviu Dragan. It sells a conversational AI-focused platform, targeting global providers and large enterprises. It now has an HQ in New York and it has a global reach. In essence, DRUID supports intelligent virtual assistants, but the platform has rich capabilities behind this, including natural language processing (NLP), analytics and robotic process automation (RPA). It claims that DRUID Conversational Business Applications can “unleash the full potential of a symbiotic relationship between people and technology”. It sees low-code Conversational Business Applications (CBA), launched in October 2022, as a new market solution category that moves beyond conversational AI. It stresses that its integration capabilities and natural language processing allow it to integrate fully with existing enterprise systems, so as to deliver a natural employee and customer experience. It has over 100 enterprise global customers, and over 150 partnerships.

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Headquarters: Opera Center, Costache Negri Street, nr. 1-5 050552 Bucharest, Romania
Telephone: (004) 031 06 99 25


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