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DP & C Enterprises

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DP & C Enterprises were founded in 2001 and provide consulting, process enhancements, technology applications, project management and total supply chain solutions.

The company offer a number of products including:

  • DPC SMART FLEET is a transportation, logistics, and distribution management application designed specifically to increase efficiency of fleet management and enhance the visibility of mobile inventory and asset management. It can be integrated to GPS sources and all EDI formats.
  • DP&C's Supply Chain Optimizer Suite (SCOS) provides management across a company with a common dashboard for analysing common data in multiple ways, and with multiple variables. The suite includes four application modules that can be implemented independently, or in combinations that are additive to the overall capabilities of each module.
    • Supply Chain Analyzer (SCA) Module - analyses historical information as customer service, shipping, manufacturing, inventory, purchasing labor and overhead cost and process data.
    • Multi-Dimensional Analyzer, Report Writer and Information Query provides an engine for linking and comparing multiple variables in a manner that illuminates the relationships between multiple organisational factors and efficiency
    • Capacity Planner Analyzer (CPA) Module interfaces with existing EPR systems within the company to provide information on work center activity relative to measures of output.
    • Constraint Management and Resource Optimizer (CMRO) Module of the SCOS enables more efficient overall operation, by enabling maximised utilisation of under-utilised work processes and modules.

Company Info

Headquarters: East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
Telephone: 732-514-6604

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