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Convergent Software

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Convergent Software Solutions operations fully began in 2006. The company offers 2 products:

MedeAccess is a web-based solution for physicians and medical groups. The physician or medical group can be the administrator of this application and create the profiles for physicians and staff/nurse, apart from updating the details of acceptable insurance.

The second product is a service based web application for real estate agents. Real estate agents can enroll into this web application and manage their business using the features supported by this web application. Services supported include:

  • Site n’ site feature – This feature allows a real estate agent to have his own site within erealtor In this the estate agent will be able to manage his profile like demographic information, agency logo, contact details and also the ‘about us’ part for the estate agent.
  • Partnering – A real estate agent can now partner with other real estate agent within erealtor to increase the marketability. With this feature, partnered estate agent will be able to share the properties and view properties of partnered agents.
  • Customer upload feature – Customers have an ability to post their own properties on sale or rent to a specific real estate agent. Such postings will later be listed upon approval. Likewise customer can also post requirement to a real estate agent.


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