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Bosch Software Innovations

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Bosch Software Innovations GmbH is the software and systems house of the Bosch Group. Innovations was founded by six partners in August of 1997, with the introduction of Visual Rules, a Java-based business rules management system that graphically models business logic. In September 2008, the Bosch Group bought the company having used Visual Rules.

It has focused developing software in mobile applications, energy and facility management, and healthcare.

Bosch Software targets its products to support the world of the “internet of things”. Given the main company’s background of producing engineering tools of a great variety, one can see how having a software group that provides technology so that shop floor machines can communicate easily and effective with each other is very important. The software group have 3 products in their portfolio:

  • Visual Rules (Business Rules Management) – the original Innovations product;
  • Inubit suite (Business Process Management) – the original inubit product; and
  • M:M support – a new product that the group is building to support an underlying architecture to connect an internet of things in particular verticals such as energy, transport and smart housing.

These products are currently offered in 2 skews:

  • Internet of things, which is packaging of all 3 products;
  • BPM+, which is a combination of BRM and BPM to support mobile process centric application building.

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