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Avonwood Developments

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Avonwood Developments was set up in 1987, to provide innovative electronic solutions for customers within various industrial environments. In 1994 they acquired Eureka RFID Systems, which allowed them to expand from bespoke electronic system design and manufacture to offering RFID solutions to identify and manage vehicles, assets, personnel, and processes.

Avonwood Developments offer the following solutions:

  • ZoneSafe – a vehicle pedestrian proximity warning and alert system which safeguards employees and vehicles from accidental collisions.
  • Asset Base iD – An asset identification and management solution allowing you to identify, manage and control your assets.
  • Asset Track iD – A system that allows you to track your assets throughout the supply chain by tagging assets at the manufacturing stage so they can be monitored and managed in transit from assembly through to final installation.
  • Eureka RFID – range of RFID products which can assist with production line automation, vehicle assembly tracking, personnel identification & safety, asset management, and security and access control.
  • Key tagging – Eureka key tagging is a leading security solution for the identification and management of keys used to prevent key compromise situations in secure environments.


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