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Atego was founded in 2010 from a merger of Aonix and Artisan Software Tools. It is employee owned (and venture-capital backed). It has dual HQs in San Diego, USA & Cheltenham UK, worldwide offices and a strong customer base. It is focused on delivering effective integrated application lifecycle environments, which allow architecture, systems, software and hardware engineering teams to work as one – from concept through to delivery and maintenance of complex, mission- and safety- critical or embedded systems.

It espouses a systems-engineering culture and model-driven architectural approaches and is a prime repository of Ada expertise for the development and deployment of real-time safety-critical systems. Its primary customer-base is in aerospace, transport, automotive and defence systems-engineering.

It is strongly open-standards-oriented and takes an active part in developing and supporting the standards-making community for, in particular, SYSML and MoDAF. Its tools support OMG MDA standards and it plays an active part in the OMG. It also takes a significant part in various EU-funded and other research projects such as Saturn; Speeds; Group on Earth Observation System of Systems; and many others.

In 2014, Atego was acquired by the PLM and CAD Engineering company, PTC

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