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Aptean was formed in August 2012 by the merger of CDC Software and Consona Corporation. The company is owned by Vista Equity Partners. The plan announced at the merger was to maintain the brand names of all of the product lines, and to continue investing in and supporting all of the CDC and Consona solutions.

Aptean have 5 CRM solutions in their portfolio:

  • Pivotal CRM is a service automation system that helps an organisation capture, manage, and resolve customer service and support requests.
  • Knova Knowledge Management is aimed at customer service and support organisations, particularly those who need to handle complex queries across channels in industries such as high tech, telecommunications, financial services, and the IT help desks that are charged with resolving customer issues.
  • SupportSoft toolset provides support for large IT helpdesks, telecommunications providers, and high tech external support organisations that need proactive or real time automated resolution of complex technical issues directly on an end user’s PC to automate the resolution of expensive assisted call drivers.
  • ONYX CRM is a more general CRM offering for companies of all sizes that need to access customer information, for marketing, sales, service, and support. Industries supported include insurance, financial services, utilities, and local government.
  • Saratoga CRM has a unified architecture that is designed for multi-platform Internet, client/server, and mixed mode environments. The target market is large, global organisations in the chemicals, consumer products, energy, insurance, and selected manufacturing industries.

Aptean have 5 ERP solutions in their portfolio:

  • Axis ERP has the specialised functionality to support the business processes of metals and wire and cable companies.
  • Intuitive ERP is targeted at manufacturers building products for regulated industries, such as electronics, medical devices, and aviation who must comply with strong regulatory requirements such as component serial number traceability, product configuration, quality management, and engineering change management.
  • Made2Manage ERP is targeted at small and medium-sized manufacturers with dynamic, to-order environments such as engineer-to-order (ETO), make-to-order (MTO), assemble-to-order (ATO), and mixed mode operations.
  • Ross ERP is built specifically for process manufacturers and has support for recipes and formulas management.
  • Encompix ERP is targeted at engineer-to-order and custom manufacturers that design and build complex products to exact customer specifications frequently involving long lead times and heavy engineering content.

Aptean have 2 SCM solutions in their portfolio:

  • IMI Supply Chain is a comprehensive SCM solution that covers both warehouse management and transport management and includes support for cross-dock planning and yard management.
  • Ross Supply Chain Planning is a solution built specifically for recipe/formula-based manufacturers.

Aptean has 2 MES solutions in their portfolio:

  • Factory MES has been built for process and discrete manufacturers in the food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, metals, and industrial manufacturing industries.
  • ACTIVPLANT is targeted at process and discrete manufacturers in the food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries.

Other Aptean solutions include:

  • Respond is an enterprise case or complaint management software solution; specifically it provides support to collect and assess feedback for an organisation.
  • Aptean Analytics is powered by the  QlikView platform, which supports Business Discovery and enables users to dig further into data associations from any number of data sources.
  • Event Management Framework monitors systems across an organisation to provide a ‘big picture’ view of the events that affect the business and generates alerts when anomalies occur.
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