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Appricity is a privately-owned corporation that was founded in 1999 and has been profitable since 2004. The company has offices in Washington DC and, as of 2014, an office in London, UK.

The company has built a series of supply chain management solutions and integrated finance solutions based on an agnostic platform, call Appricity Jetstream. This integration engine provides the ability to integrate into any third party data source, dynamically or batch (EDI, XML, ORM). Apptricity also provides pre-built integration connectors for SAP, Oracle e-Business Suite, Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle PeopleSoft, Epicor, GEAC, Microsoft Dynamics GP and many others. The platform can run in N-tier configuration on any OS, RDBMS, web server or application server technology platform.

The solution software is built into a series of modules that can be bought as a whole or in a series of pre-packaged combinations or individually. This gives Appricity a very flexible approach to solving individual company issues, with their ability to tailor and pull-together a solution to match particular needs.

Appricity’s supply chain solutions are particularly suited to the mobile enterprise with its ability to work off all 3 of the major mobile platforms (Apple, Android and Microsoft).

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Headquarters: Irving, Texas, USA, TX 75038
Telephone: 001 214.596.0601

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