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New range of Reports based on revised data methodology designed for technology vendors and CIOs alike to navigate the route to the Mutable Enterprise of the future.

Analyst house Bloor Research, has launched a new range of Reports based on new methodology designed to address the era of constant change and business transformation.

Mutable aims to take the current focus on Digital Transformation one step further. By recognising that enterprises are not undertaking one-off Digital Transformation projects but instead are seeing them as a baseline for constant rapid evolution, Bloor Research has developed the concept of the Mutable Enterprise.

Justin Speake, President of Research, Bloor, stated: “We have been evolving our research focus for the past five years and believe we are in a new era of Software Defined Business, Big Software which allows organisations to effectively virtualise their entire architecture, Meta understanding of all data revolutionises business models and market responsiveness and new process technologies which allow organisations to abstract, personalise and optimises all their business process for true business agility. In other words: the delivery of the Mutable Enterprise.

“Recognising this trend is vital for technology vendors and Chief Innovation Officers alike who are facing significant challenges to traditional business models. It addresses issues and provides understanding to traditional questions of buy verses build along with newer questions about what combination of service delivery types and location will best meet the business needs of the organisation and the nature of the applications to be deployed,” he added.

To deliver this focus Bloor Research has made major changes to its use of the Bullseye research methodology, as well as introducing a number of new and revised report formats firmly centred on business value and market impact including InBriefs, InPerspectives and Hot Reports.

Under the Mutable brand Bloor Research has created a new range of report formats that will allow vendors to leverage the Mutable story, easily communicate they understand it, support it and can therefore be a trusted partner/vendor for anyone needing help with their own evolution.

Bloor has also revamped its subscriptions services to focus on End Users and Vendors who recognise and support this new Paradigm in IT and its resultant importance and value to the business. There are three levels for this: Champions, Advocates and Supporters chosen to show their level of commitment to the Mutable narrative. For vendors and end users alike this will help them to better understand and communicate the evolution of their own business into a Mutable one.

“The objective of the Bloor Mutable Team is to help both vendors and users better understand the ongoing key transformational consequences of the Mutable Enterprise in both operational practice and in business terms. Clear, concise answers to these questions will help businesses stay one step ahead of the rapid innovation taking place – a pre-requisite for success and ultimately survival in a globally interconnected world,” concluded Justin.


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