Tyco Retail Solutions showcases new fitting room analytics

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Tyco Retail Solutions has unveiled its new TrueVUE fitting room analytics at NRF Big Show 2016. New inventory, traffic intelligence and loss prevention use cases that extend data visibility into the fitting room area provide retailers with the power to better serve clients, while minimising loss in this traditional ‘high risk’ security zone. RFID technology helps retailers gain new insights into what items were tried on and purchased. By collecting actionable information, store sales assistants can engage with customers and their clothing selections to deliver personal service to drive sales. Tyco’s fitting room analytics solution offers retailers impactful insights across customer engagement, merchandising, loss prevention, and operations.

Tyco’s TrueVUE fitting room analytics deliver key metrics to help retailers answer critical questions related to performance, conversion, efficiency and sales such as:

  • What items go into the fitting room, and are they purchased?
  • What is the mix of items, and how does that affect total purchase value?
  • Are items being removed by associates in a timely manner?
  • Are delays in returning items to the sales floor causing out-of-stocks?
  • Are tags being removed from items?
  • Do large quantities of similar items indicate a potential theft event?
  • Is staffing in sync with the peak days and times of shopper activity?

Nancy Chisholm, President, Tyco Retail Solutions, stated “The fitting room is the buying decision zone and the most important area to engage with customers for an optimal in-store experience. As a perfect place to upsell customers and offer superior service, retail executives need real-time insights to properly staff, track inventory and minimise theft. Tyco’s latest fitting room analytics solution helps apparel retailers to maximise profitability from this key area within their stores.”

This is an interesting announcement as it shows the acceptance of RFID as an easy to use and very exploitable technology to deliver decision making information.