SAG unveiled the world’s smallest RFID HF aluminum antenna.

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SAG has unveiled the world’s smallest RFID HF aluminium antenna, measuring 0.4 x 0.4 inches, or 10.5 x 10.5 millimeters. This new micro-sized antenna is already being used in the healthcare industry, showing that it can enable RFID small-tagging intelligence without size constraints. SAG anticipates beginning mass production in large volumes early next year. Terry Chiang, SAG’s GM stated, “We have been working with our healthcare client to develop a small tag with robust performance from a cost-effective perspective, yet offering higher quality standards.”

SAG’s smallest HF aluminium antenna offers perfect line width in straight, curved line, and right angle to enable stable electronic performance and consistent quality. The micro-sized antenna is being used in a pilot project for product authentication in healthcare. SAG has also received inquiries from several other industries and use cases, including brand protection, smart advertising, jewellery and consumer gaming. It is ideal for applications requiring tiny tags with outstanding performance.

SAG have stated that they intend to expand their HF tag product portfolio to drive further innovation and produce tags that are smaller in size but higher in quality. The product is already available in converted formats. It can be delivered in dry inlay, wet inlay or label and can also be sequentially printed and encoded to customer specifications.

This announcement follows the recent news of the company’s first IPO.