Everware-CBDI Announces Commercial Availability of the Agile Service Factory (ASF)

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On March 18th, Everware-CBDI announced the commercial availability of the Agile Service Factory (ASF). ASF supports the ability to develop and compose large, complex applications using an agile development approach.

Warren Ellmore, President of Everware-CBDI North America, explained  “Agile development methods have gained wide acceptance,; mostly on relatively small projects. Major challenges have inhibited enterprise level adoption with multiple agile teams developing pieces of complex applications according to Eveware-CBDI. These challenges include standards for consistency, cross-team coordination, and overlapping responsibilities.”

The Agile Service Factory builds on agile best practices such as Scaled Agile Framework with a model-driven, pattern-based Architecture Runway that manages consistency and sharing across portfolios, programs and projects. ASF enables the incremental production of software services that can be composed, mashed-up and packaged as APIs. It is designed to operate as an integrated component of an agile development environment., “The Agile Service Factory enables large scale agile development by delivering and evolving the Architecture Runway, allowing functional sprints to concentrate on developing business logic and dramatically reducing refactoring” said Ellmore.

The ASF Architecture Runway is an enterprise platform for Common Core Code (C3), a code base (100% open and industry standard) that embeds standards and patterns that are applied across the application portfolio, including access to data, infrastructure and common business services. C3 is delivered to development teams as an architecture platform to build upon. It evolves in parallel with the sprints and accelerates development because C3 usually represents 60–80% of the full solution codebase.

Everware-CBDI is a world leader in service-based solutions, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia and with offices in London, England. Founded in 1997, they have supported many government agencies and large commercial firms to architect and implement agile solutions worldwide. Their SOA methodology (CBDI-SAE) is subscribed to by some of the largest organizations around the world