RFID middleware in the cloud – GlobeRanger announces the release of iMotion Stratus

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Just before Christmas, GlobeRanger announced iMotion Stratus, the cloud-based version of its iMotion Edgeware Platform. It delivers the features of the iMotion server-based platform from the cloud. Stratus provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) avenue for companies to begin utilising RFID technology without the upfront costs of RFID software and the servers to run it. It allows for economical small initial deployments with the ability to scale up as needed. Deployments can scale from a single location to thousands of locations globally.

iMotion Stratus is the cloud-based platform for RFID, mobility and sensor solutions. It is built with the same software used by the GlobeRanger iMotion Edgeware Platform. Stratus integrates seamlessly with iMotion server-based and network appliance-based deployments to allow the best-suited technology for the specific application to be used, whether an on-premise server or cloud-based. It utilises the same configurable application and solution accelerators as the server-based iMotion platform. The configurable applications enable quick deployment of solutions from the cloud including shipping/receiving, asset tracking, and perishable goods tracking.

David South, VP Solutions and Support, said, “New initiatives based on the Internet of Things (IoT), the Industrial Internet and Big Data are now fully enabled with the complete iMotion family of products. iMotion sits at the intersection of Information-in-Motion, Inventory-in-Motion, and Infrastructure-in-Motion. iMotion Stratus completes a vital part of GlobeRanger’s vision of global processes, data mobility, and machine to machine communications to manage the Internet of Things. The iMotion family allows data and processes to reside on a mobile device, a network appliance, an on-premise server, or on the cloud. “

GlobeRanger have been one of the more successful RFID middleware vendors. They are still an independent company whereas many of their competitors have been bought by either RFID application vendors or hardware vendors. GlobeRanger and iMotion are well worth looking at.