Bizagi release a new version of their free Process Modelling tool

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On November 7th, Bizagi announced the immediate release of a new version, Bizagi Process Modeler (2.4). Enhancements include the following:

  • Support for Rich formatting options such as bold and indentation styles, bullets for texts entered in element descriptions and extended attributes detail, for text boxes or text areas;
  • New feature to spell-check documents in the processes. Available languages include: English (USA), English (UK), Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), French, German, Russian, Italian, and Dutch;
  • Global settings to set the default size for Flow elements such as Tasks, Sub-processes, Gateways, Events, and Data or Artifacts elements, as well as setting a default font (and font-size) for labels;
  • Improvement to Pools to allow vertical auto-aligned with existing pools so that both start up at the same location to the left and also message flows between different Pools will be auto-aligned;
  • Additional options to use a full colour fill for elements and turn off element’s shadows;
  • Ability to create landscape orientation configuration to published models in Word or PDF.
  • Support for Microsoft .NET 4.0 framework

I have found Bizagi one of the easiest process modelling tools to use. These new features improve its usability.