Fiorano announce new releases

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Fiorano Software announce this week the release of version 9.3 of its JMS messaging middleware (FioranoMQ) and SOA Platform (Fiorano ESB/SOA Platform).

Fiorano SOA 9.3 implements several new features including:

  • REST support: new components have been added to enable REST endpoints to be created and consumed in Fiorano flows.
  • Eclipse Studio Enhancements: eStudio can now be used to create Administrative and JMX connections to the Fiorano Servers.
  • Web-Services Security: The Web-Services Stub and Consumer components now support WSS-Signature and WSS-Timestamp properties.
  • Named Configurations: this feature helps users better manage the configurations of components, routes and ports across multiple Fiorano flows. Configurations can now be changed or edited from a single console, without having to edit Fiorano flows or artifacts, saving valuable development time.
  • Auto-Generation of Model Objects: Object code is now generated for custom components based on the schema defined on the input and output ports. This helps in parsing inbound XML messages and in creating outbound messages.

 Complex flows can now be configured more accurately and rapidly with the Named Configurations feature. Server-management is simplified with JMX connections. Enhancements have also been added to the Document Tracking, Component Creation, Backlog Monitoring and Dashboard features of the platform.

The FioranoMQ JMS Server V9.3 release includes:

  • Enhancements to Client-Side Persistence, Web-console User-interface improvements and the use of multi-byte characters for object names and configurations.
  • C# RTL logging implementation changes to use the .Net framework’s Trace Listeners and Trace Switches, allowing log levels to be controlled externally through application configuration files.
  • Optimized Integration with LDAP providers together with enhancements to the replicated High-Availability (HA) implementation.

 Always a very technology oriented company, It is nevertheless good to see Fiorano still being innovative.