QPR Software add SAP specific version to ProcessAnalyzer

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QPR Software announced on March 14th 2011 SAP ProcessAnalysis. I wrote in February (Automating Business Process Discovery) about QPR’s ProcessAnalyzer. QPR have tuned their new product discover processes inside SAP. Teemu Lehto, Vice President of Business Development at QPR Software said in the announcement,SAP ProcessAnalysis is a ready-made software-based solution for maximizing the benefits from existing SAP investments by helping to identify inefficiencies caused by poorly aligned SAP IT systems and business processes. The solution is available globally through QPR’s Value Added Reseller and Consulting Partner network.” The product provides vast amounts of event logs, such as SAP reference processes, to be used as raw material for QPR ProcessAnalyzer and in automated business process discovery.

Eero Knuutila from Nobultec Oy, a consulting company focused on process development in process-based system and SAP AG products, stated, ”SAP-system is based on reference processes for which it provides good tools for execution—however analyzing the efficiency of the processes is, in a normal case, challenging. QPR ProcessAnalyzer automatically analyzes the efficiency of the selected SAP-based processes and enables identification of bottlenecks. This analysis is needed to harness the full potential of the SAP system to support the company’s business processes. When you take the whole process under investigation, variation analysis can be utilized to examine the significance of each process variant and to avoid sub-optimization.”

QPR have identified a prime market for their new product.