Third Annual Paradox Report – Security still an issue for mid-sized organisations

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Published recently the third paradox report, based on research sponsored by McAfee and written by Nigel Stanley at Bloor Research, highlights some interesting security statistics from across the world. Here are some highlights:

Key findings worldwide

  • 54% of mid-sized organisations have seen an increase in IT security risks facing their company from 2009 to 2010, up 2% on last year.
  • 40% of mid-sized organisations have had data breaches in the past year, an increase of 13% from last year.
  • 75% of mid-sized organisations said that there is a chance that a serious data breach could force them out of business, up from 70% in last year’s survey.
  • 30% of mid-sized organisations had to manage multiple network security incidents, of which 55% took up to 5 hours to investigate and remediate.
  • 58% of worldwide respondents spend less than 3 hours per week working on, evaluating and researching IT security. Last year it was 65%.
  • 5% of mid-sized organisations reported that they had suffered a data loss that had cost them more than $25,000. Of these 25% were from China, 14% from France and 11% from India.
  • 47% of all reported intellectual property losses were from EMEA-based mid-sized organisations.
  • 88% of mid-sized organisations said they were concerned or very concerned about non-malicious/inadvertent security incidents.
  • 60% of worldwide mid-sized organisations admitted to knowing less than 75% of the pertinent regulatory and compliance requirements pertinent to their organisation.